3 mEq to mg calculator


Free online 3 mEq to mg calculator – calculate mg from 3 mEq for different substances in this calculator

How to use the 3 mEq to mg?

You can follow this step:

  • First Select the substance you want to calculate.
  • Click the calculate button
  • you get the result of 3 mEq of substance in mg

3 mEq to mg formula

mg = 3 mEq * Equivalent weight


  • mEq = milliequivalent
  • mg = milligram

3 mEq to mg Table

3 mEq to mg conversion table for different substances:

3 mEq of Potassium (K)117.300 mg
3 mEq of Calcium (Ca)60.120 mg
3 mEq of Chlorine (Cl)106.350 mg
3 mEq of Magnesium (Mg)36.457 mg
3 mEq of Phosphorous (P)18.582 mg
3 mEq of Sodium (Na)68.970 mg
3 mEq of Sulfur (S)48.090 mg
3 mEq of Sulfate (SO4)144.090 mg
3 mEq of Zinc (Zn)98.070 mg
3 mEq of Lithium (Li)20.820 mg
3 mEq of Potassium chloride (KCl)223.653 mg
3 mEq of Sodium chloride (NaCl)175.320 mg

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