30 mEq to mg calculator


Free online 30 mEq to mg calculator – calculate mg from 30 mEq for different substances in this calculator

How to use the 30 mEq to mg?

You can follow this step:

  • First Select the substance you want to calculate.
  • Click the calculate button
  • you get the result of 30 mEq of substance in mg

30 mEq to mg formula

mg = 30 mEq * Equivalent weight


  • mEq = milliequivalent
  • mg = milligram

30 mEq to mg Table

30 mEq to mg conversion table for different substances:

30 mEq of Potassium (K)1173 mg
30 mEq of Calcium (Ca)601.200 mg
30 mEq of Chlorine (Cl)1063.500 mg
30 mEq of Magnesium (Mg)364.575 mg
30 mEq of Phosphorous (P)185.820 mg
30 mEq of Sodium (Na)689.700 mg
30 mEq of Sulfur (S)480.900 mg
30 mEq of Sulfate (SO4)1440.900 mg
30 mEq of Zinc (Zn)980.700 mg
30 mEq of Lithium (Li)208.200 mg
30 mEq of Potassium chloride (KCl)2236.530 mg
30 mEq of Sodium chloride (NaCl)1753.200 mg

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