Aluminum unit conversion


Aluminum unit conversion calculator – convert Aluminum ng/mL to µmol/L or µmol/L to ng/mL.

How to use Aluminum unit conversion?

You can follow this step:

  • First, enter a value
  • Select the conversion type – ng/mL to µmol/L or µmol/L to ng/mL.
  • Click the calculate button
  • You get the result

How to convert Aluminum ng/mL to µmol/L?

To convert from aluminum concentration in nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) to micromoles per liter (µmol/L)

  • Conversion factor = 0.0371
  • 1 ng/mL = 0.0371 µmol/L
  • 1 µmol/L = 26.9542 ng/mL

Aluminum unit conversion table

The table shows aluminum units ng/mL to µmol/L conversion.

nanograms per millilitermicromoles per liter
1 ng/mL0.0371 µmol/L
2 ng/mL0.0742 µmol/L
3 ng/mL0.1113 µmol/L
4 ng/mL0.1484 µmol/L
5 ng/mL0.1855 µmol/L
6 ng/mL0.2226 µmol/L
7 ng/mL0.2597 µmol/L
8 ng/mL0.2968 µmol/L
9 ng/mL0.3339 µmol/L
10 ng/mL0.3710 µmol/L
20 ng/mL0.7420 µmol/L

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