Liters to Pounds Calculator


Free online liters to pounds calculator – calculate pounds from volume in liters with different ingredients.

How to use liters to pounds calculator?

You can follow this step:

  • First select the ingredients (default: water)
  • Enter volume in liters (L)
  • Click the calculate button
  • You get the result in pounds

How to convert liters to pounds?

Converting liters to pounds depends on the substance being measured, as different substances have different densities.

The formula to convert liters to pounds is:

lb = L * 2.2046 * D


  • Lb = pounds
  • L = Liters
  • D = density (g/ml) of substance

Liters to pounds Table

Liters to pounds conversion table for water

0.1 liters0.2205 Pounds
0.2 liters0.4409 Pounds
0.3 liters0.6614 Pounds
0.4 liters0.8818 Pounds
0.5 liters1.1023 Pounds
0.6 liters1.3228 Pounds
0.7 liters1.5432 Pounds
0.8 liters1.7637 Pounds
0.9 liters1.9842 Pounds
1 liters2.2046 Pounds
1.1 liters2.4251 Pounds
1.2 liters2.6455 Pounds
1.3 liters2.8660 Pounds
1.4 liters3.0865 Pounds
1.5 liters3.3069 Pounds

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