Pixels to Inches Calculator


Free online pixels to inches calculator – you can calculate inches from pixels at different resolutions (default: 96 PPI).

How to use the pixels to inches calculator?

You can follow this step:

  • Enter the Resolution values : (default: 96 PPI)
  • Enter the Pixel value
  • Click the calculate button
  • You get answers in inches

How to convert pixels to inches?

converting pixels to inches involves knowing the image’s resolution, which is measured in dots per inch (DPI) or pixels per inch (PPI).

Find the image resolution:

1. This information can often be found in the image file properties.

2. Common resolutions include:

  • 96 DPI: Standard for web images and screens.
  • 300 DPI: Ideal for printing high-quality photos.
  • 72 DPI: Used for low-resolution images like icons or website graphics.

Divide the pixel dimensions by the DPI:

Once you have the resolution, simply divide the pixel width and height by the DPI value.

Inches = Pixels / Resolution

For example, a 1200 x 800 pixels image at 300 DPI would be:

  • Width: 1200 pixels / 300 DPI = 4 inches
  • Height: 800 pixels / 300 DPI = 2.67 inches

Pixels to Inches Table

Pixels to inches conversion table at resolution 96 dpi.

1 px0.01042 In
2 px0.02083 In
5 px0.05208 In
10 px0.10417 In
15 px0.15625 In
20 px0.20833 In
25 px0.26042 In
30 px0.31250 In
35 px0.36458 In
40 px0.41667 In
50 px0.52083 In

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