Potassium mg to mEq calculator


Potassium mg to mEq Calculator – calculate milliequivalents (meq)from milligrams (mg) of potassium.

How to use the potassium mg to mEq calculator?

You can follow this step:

  • Enter the weight in milligrams (mg)
  • Click the calculate button
  • you get results in potassium mEq

How to convert potassium mg to mEq?

To convert potassium from milligrams (mg) to milliequivalents (mEq), you need to know the molar mass of potassium and the valence of potassium ions.

Potassium has a molar mass of approximately 39.1 grams per mole(g/mol), and its valence is 1.

The formula to convert potassium milligrams to milliequivalents is as follows:

mEq = mg of K / 39.1

Example – 500 mg of potassium then what value in mEq?

mEq (K) = 500 / 39.1 = 12.7877 meq

So, 500 mg of potassium is approximately 12.7877 milliequivalents.

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